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I have recently decided to publish information that readers have been kind enough to email to me. The most obvious thing to stand out is just how many people cannot afford to have the tooth abscess treated, and the symptoms that the tooth abscess can cause when left untreated for extended periods of time.

Tooth abscess is a dangerous and life threatening tooth disease, and should be dealth with as fast as possible.

Tooth Abscess and Blood Pressure + Panic Attacks

"I recently had a tooth abscess I left completley untreated for in excess of a month which actucally caused me to have panic attacks and high blood pressure... keep in mind though overweight generally im a healthy 22 year old man, within 2 hours of the infected tooth being pulled and two penicillian pills later i returned to a completely normal mental status and seemed to have dropped my blood pressure back to its normal standards as well...alot of me getting my tooth pulled had to do with facts i got from your site... so i thank you good sir... but i just thought that is another thing you can warn your readers about when it comes to dealing with an infected tooth,  they can affect you mentally as well as physcially".

Tooth Abscess and our Home Remedy

"Hi My name is Tony and I have been having the most excruciating tooth pain (abscess) in my entire life. I found your site at like three in the morning. I had already gone to several overnight stores, even talked to a pharmacist that told me the throat lozenge thing wouldn't/couldn't work. They were dead wrong! It has worked for me for three days now and it has saved me because I finally got some sleep after two days of maybe two hours of sleep; and I have a job with no health benefits. I just had to share it with you. Halls Non-Mentholated Brezzers is what I used. God bless you so much!"

Tooth Abscess and Pregnancy + Not so Good Dentist

"Hello All,   I just would like to write that your website "Tooth and Teeth" was just want I needed. I noticed an abscess on my gum and was completely 'freaked' out.  Being that it was later on in the evening the only way to find out what was wrong (I had no idea it was even abscess) was on the web.  After searching through websites for about and hour I came to yours and the info was just what I needed.  The section "Care of Teeth During Pregnancy" really 'hit the spot' since and recently had my first child, if I had only known that my "teeth are likely to get worse much faster during pregnancy" I probably could have prevented this.  The funny thing is I went a dentist (for pain in the tooth that now caused the abscess) while I was pregnant only to be told I was unable to have work done because that practice wouldn't x-ray me.  Now I wish I would have seen another dentist that would have done something.  Well tomorrow I will have a very pricey root canal and than after that a cap totaling $1,600 without any insurance to help, yikes.    Oh and by the way I now have a new dentist.  Thanks so much I felt so much better after visiting your website, I even found out was brushing my teeth wrong!"

Cracked tooth and Pain Control + Brain Freeze

"i think this might help to post, sinc ei cant post comments.. i once had a head splitting root canal from a tooth i cracked in half i needed fixed. i couldnt even lift my head it was the most intense and eternal brain freeze type feeling except much worse. the only thing that could keep the pain away was 3-4 ibuprofens every 3-4 hours. BUT I was really afraid of over dosing so I tried hard to think what I could do until I saw the dentist, and this worked realleeeeeeey well and would also be extremely good for infection and inflammation. Garlic- i cut a piece and luckily the hole in my tooth was so gaping open that I was able to shove it in my tooth as a filling replacement. My pain totally went away and I was able to get the root canal, and healed without taking antibiotics afterwards since last I took antibiotics I got a rash, I was scared to take them. But it turned out well so, garlic can help it really numbed the pain. If you cant make contact with the gum i guess it would help to try it or use in conjuction with ibuprofen, you probably ouldnt have to take as many of them Hope that helps!!"

Controlling Tooth Abscess with Peroxide

"Donald, Thanks for the timely advice. My abscess started several years ago and I kept it in control with peroxide. Like your problem, I think it is time for my tooth to come out,even though I do not look forward to it. I am 82 now and hope I can endure the procedure. John"

Tooth Abscess and Shortness of Breath + being "different" Headed

"Hey, I read your website recently and was surprised to find some goos [good] useful information unlike most sites. The following news I'm going to give you will most likely be very surprising to you...tooth abscess the cause of me having shortness of breath everyday and being kinda "different" headed just not myself it seems, that has been going on for over half a year... Brandon"

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