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Toothache Pain and available treatments and remedies

Toothache and controlling the pain.

People often use pain killers to alleviate toothache.

There are many pain killers on the market that can markedly help with toothache pain.

Some toothache medicines work better than others and we discuss those toothache medicines here.

If you are prepared to try more than just popping pain pills for your toothache, then this page on toothache and pain control is definitely for you.


Causes of toothache Pain

Cures for Toothache

Relief For Toothaches:  Alleviating the pain without seeing a dentist.

Predisposition Toothache Pain - When the tooth or teeth hurt for no apparent reason

Causes of toothache pain are :

1... Toothache pain commonly occurs when the tooth has been breached by a cavity and the infection has reached and triggered the nerves in the tooth's soft pulp - an abscess of the soft pulp.

2... Tooth abscess - "gum boil" - around the root of the tooth, can also cause excruciating toothache pain.

3... Predisposition to tooth pain caused by a bodily ailment, like fibromyalgia or malaria, can also cause toothache.

Cures for Toothache :

There is no single toothache cure. The main aim of treatment for toothache is to cure the cause of the tooth ache, which should then lead to the abatement of symptoms - pain!

A dentist can normally diagnose the cause of the toothache and advise on suitable treatments that will cure it. The cure may be anything from simple tooth filling to complex root canal work and the fitting of a crown.

General rule of thumb, the longer you leave the cause of the tooth ache untreated, the worse it will get and the more damaged the tooth or teeth will become, making the tooth more difficult to cure with a correspondingly higher dental bill.

Relief For Toothaches:  Alleviating the pain without seeing a dentist.

Toothache relief can be achieved by a number of options which do not normally try to cure the underlying tooth or teeth disease which is causing the toothache pain.  The toothache relief products have been divided into several sections below:

Toothache Relief Using Toothache Medicine:

Toothaches can also be relieved by the modern pain relieving medicines, like Neurofen or Brufen. The toothache may not be fully relieved by such medicine, but the toothache should be controlled a lot better.

  Pain killing medicines like paracetamol and codeine I have found to be no where near as good for controlling bad toothache pain.

  The best toothache medicines I've found, are the morphine based ones - the ones that are stronger than tramadol, like Endone, Oxycontin, OxyNorm and Proladone work like a dream for me - normally prescription drugs with the active ingredient being oxycodone.

  Toothache medicines control the pain, but they do not normally cure the cause of toothache.

Toothache Relief Using Old Style Toothache Remedies:

If the toothache is particularly troublesome, oil of cloves, creosote, chloroform, laudanum, or Jamaica ginger can be used as a toothache remedies. First clean the tooth with the toothache, place about five drops of one of toothache remedies onto a small piece of fabric and place the fabric into the cavity or tightly against it. Toothache relief should come quite quickly, but again, these toothache remedies do not cure.

Old Style Toothache Relief  for Toothache Pain caused by a Tooth Abscess:

If the toothache is caused by a root abscess, a toothache remedy for this is to cover the gum around the area with tincture of aconite and tincture of iodine in equal amounts. 

Toothache Home Remedies:

In trying out a toothache home remedy, it is reasonably important to diagnose the cause of the toothache pain, so that a more appropriate home remedy can be tried.  There are three types of toothache pain:  Toothache caused by a root abscess, toothache caused by a broken tooth and toothache caused by a cavity in the tooth.

1.. Tooth Abscess Toothache:  Placing a dual antibacterial throat lozenge right next to the gum may also greatly reduce the infection and thereby lessen the toothache caused by a tooth abscess of the root.   This is a toothache home remedy I came up with, out of shear desperation.

Another home remedy for tooth abscess involves packing a tea bag around the tooth causing the toothache for about 24 hours, replacing the tea bag as it starts to break up.  Some people swear by this.

A word of caution, I have been informed that if you use green tea instead of black, leave it for too long, then the tea bag will cause the mouth to blister, and removing the tea bag can cause areas of skin to be pulled off with it. It is unclear whether the green tea is responsible, or whether it was the bag that contained it, or the additives that were in it. For safety sake, I would suggest just staying with ordinary, run of the mill black tea tea bags.

Rubbing a small amount of ground cayenne pepper into the gum round the tooth with the tooth abscess is also a home remedy that can work.  I've had a little success with this toothache home remedy - sometimes it works, other times it don't.

2.. Broken Tooth Toothache:  Another toothache home remedy that some have had some success with when their tooth has been broken off in some place, is grinding up half an aspirin and then packing the aspirin into the remaining tooth and letting it dissolve slowly.

3.. Tooth with a large gap, hole or missing filling with severe toothache:  A home remedy for a toothache was suggested to me by a nice lady, Maria:

I think this might help to post, since I cant post
comments.. I once had a head splitting root canal toothache from
a tooth I cracked in half that I needed fixed. I couldn't
even lift my head it was the most intense and eternal
brain freeze type toothache feeling, except much worse.

The only thing that could keep the toothache away was 3-4 ibuprofens
every 3-4 hours. BUT I was really afraid of over
dosing so I tried hard to think what I could do until
I saw the dentist, and this worked realleeeeeeey well
and would also be extremely good for infection and

Garlic- I cut a piece and luckily the hole in my tooth
was so gaping open that I was able to shove it in my
tooth as a filling replacement.

My toothache pain totally went
away and I was able to get the root canal done by the dentist, and the tooth healed
without taking antibiotics afterwards - since last I
took antibiotics I got a rash, I was scared to take

It turned out well so. Garlic can help, it
really numbed the pain, stopped the toothache. If you cant make contact with
the gum I guess it would help to try it or use in
conjuction with ibuprofen, you probably wouldnt have
to take as many of them.

Hope that helps!!

4.. Cavity in Tooth Toothache:  There are several toothache home remedies for a cavity caused toothache.  One toothache home remedy is the use of ground cayenne pepper, which is rubbed over the tooth and into the gum.  Toothache relief should come within a few seconds.

Another home remedy for toothache pain of the cavity type, is to dip a full Clove into warmed honey, chew intermittently while moving the chewed clove around the tooth with the toothache. Toothache relief should follow quite quickly, as the oil of clove is drawn out of the clove.

A clove of garlic, peeled and placed on the painful tooth, can bring relief from your toothache in about an hour - again this is for the cavity type toothache.

Grated horseradish root can help bring relief from cavity toothaches, when placed on the gum around the aching tooth.

Predisposition Toothache Pain - When the tooth or teeth hurt for no apparent reason:

With the predisposition to toothache, a dentist often needs to be consulted to rule out the possibility of a real tooth problem. Once the dentist has ruled out any problem with the tooth, the toothache can be treated in the same way as the condition that caused it. For example, if it were fibromyalgia pain, then fibromyalgia pain relievers, such as Tramadol and Celebrex could be used. If the toothache was caused by a disease, then the medication for that disease could be used. For example, if the disease causing the toothache was malaria, then malaria medication, like quinine, could be used.

One of the great problems with the predisposition toothache, is that a dentist inexperienced with the condition that may be causing it, may diagnose incorrectly and render a treatment for the toothache which is quite uncalled for.

Another problem can occur when the dentist views the patient as having the toothache in their head, making it up, so to speak, discounting any further complaints about toothache, so that the dental patient is NOT properly helped with each new complaint.

As can be seen, choosing a suitable and supportive dentist becomes vitally important for those who suffer from a predisposition toothache.

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