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Impacted wisdom teeth

Impacted wisdom tooth

Impacted wisdom teeth often require an operation to remove them, so as to save the other teeth next to them.

In the X-ray picture photo above, the impacted wisdom teeth are clearly marked.  Although the impaction of the wisdom teeth occurred in the teenage years, have created no symptoms or problems as yet, the wisdom teeth are are now showing the need for a dental operation under general anesthetic to remove them.

Yes, 40, 50 years after the wisdom teeth impacted, the bottom two need to come out.  As can be seen from the tooth X-ray, the top two wisdom teeth, although impacted, have not pushed into the neighboring teeth, so are safe to leave.

The bottom two impacted wisdom teeth are a different matter, they have become over cozy with their neighboring teeth - molars.  In doing so, an area of possible infection has been created, which if it - the infection - were to set in, would mean losing the impacted wisdom tooth and the molar next to it. Further, because the immune system slowly weakens over decades of life, the threat of infection becomes higher and higher.

To preserve the good molars, means preventative dental work is needed - to cut the bottom two impacted wisdom teeth out.

If you thought, well, why not get rid of the molars, as they both have fillings and let the wisdom teeth grow through, well, it is not going to happen. If you look at the roots on the wisdom teeth they are quite stunted and badly formed, the wisdom teeth would never break through the gum line to see the light of day.

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