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Tooth Whitening, Teeth Whitening and Bleaching Teeth

How to whiten teeth using teeth whitening gels, kits, systems and other products, to achieve teeth whitening at home.

Teeth whitening results using Alta White

Teeth Whitening - Why we whiten teeth and the common misperceptions about having white teeth.

Tooth and teeth whitening has become popular because of the perception that teeth should be a dazzling white in color.  Large amounts of money are spent by people using teeth whitening products, going to dentists for teeth whitening treatments, to achieve that dazzling, sparkling, white look.

  People see celebrities on TV with sparkling white teeth, not realizing that their idol has also fallen into the trap of whitening their teeth, because whitening teeth gives them the idea that they will be seen more favorably by their fans and producers.

  Celebrities will also obtain crowns and veneers and select an unnatural shade of white for their crowns or veneers during the preparation stage, to get that dazzling white appearance of their teeth.

In photos of celebrities, it is common practice to have the teeth whitened digitally, to give the impression that the celebrity has perfect white teeth, which also adds to the public misconception that teeth should look white.

Tooth and Teeth Whitening Index:

  • Our desire to whiten teeth
  • Suggested Teeth Whitening Products for use at home
  • Causes of Tooth Discoloration - Sometimes Teeth Whitening is a Recommended Treatment for when the Coloration of Teeth has Gone Wrong.
  • Surface stains on the tooth enamel and your teeth whitening options.
  • Your Teeth Whitening Options for Stains Under the Tooth Enamel
  • Adverse Side Effects of Tooth and Teeth Bleaching and Whitening
  • Tooth and Teeth Veneers for Whitening Teeth
  • Tooth and Teeth Whitening in Summary

However, the fact is, adult teeth are not normally white in color, that whitening teeth achieves an unnatural result of white coloration of the teeth.  The older the adult, the more yellow and darker the teeth become. 

This aging process in tooth coloring, means that even though you may succeed in whitening your teeth with whitening gels, kits, systems, toothpastes and so on, that you will have go through the teeth whitening process at regular intervals to maintain the whiter appearance of your teeth. 

If you choose crowns and veneers to whiten your teeth, then the effect can be much more permanent and much more whiter, but you must exercise stringent oral hygiene thereafter.  You have to exercise caution and avoid hard foods and sticky foods - no chewing on ice, no eating toffees...

Anyway, people who pursue the whitening of their teeth, often whiten their teeth because they believe teeth whitening will give them a glorious smile that people will take notice of and remember.  Having sparkling white teeth also has the connotation of being a clean and healthy individual.

I have to admit though, the white teeth you see on the movie stars and sports stars, is simply glorious. You look at their teeth and you do think wow.

In case you are wondering, teeth whitening is normally the same as teeth bleeching / bleaching - the words are often used interchangeably, though in reality they are not interchangeable all the time.


Suggested Teeth Whitening Products for use at home

However, the secret to whitening teeth at home, is as easy as using Alta White teeth whitening to whiten all your teeth. This teeth whitening kit, of course, is guaranteed so that you don't have have to worry about wasting your money on a teeth whitening product that didn't work for you.

Alta White teeth whitening

Alta white is a bleaching solution you wipe onto your teeth, it releases free oxygen to oxidize and remove organic stains from your teeth, revealing your new whiter smile in around 6 days and the whitened teeth coloration normally lasts for several months there after. This teeth whitening bleach is normally useful for both surface stains and for the stains that may be under the tooth enamel - especially good for yellowing teeth, as can be seen in the picture near the top of this page.

How do you apply Alta White?

Steps to teeth whitening

Steps 4 and 5: Wait the required time, then rinse.

Testimonial about these tooth and teeth whitening products

" I get comments about my teeth all the time and when I don't anymore, I know it's time to use the kit again.  I take breaks because the whitening works.." Stefanie, USA and an employee of the company behind Idol White and Alta White.

How much does this teeth whitener cost?

Alta White has a 14 day free trial, and afterwards it's a one-time payment of $119.93 for a life time membership and you never pay for the product.  It's a real value! Each month you can get another month supply without paying for the product (only the shipping and handling) and you can give it to other family members, or friends etc.

The cost of the shipping and handling for the USA is just under $7 for this teeth whitening product. So the monthly postage and handling is very reasonable.

Teeth whitening at the dentist office (Hundreds of dollars) or at home kits ( $40-$60) can add up over a life time. So this teeth whitening system is very cost effective for you, and with the 14 day FREE trial, not much to lose.

So, if it's so good, why is it such a cheap teeth whitening system?

I don't know the answer to this one, but it is certainly about the cheapest teeth whitening system around. I do know that the company is changing the appearance of all it's web sites and offering these types of membership deals on a range of products now. I suspect the membership thing is a promotional way of getting people to try it and spread the word about how good it is, build up reputation, as really, they must be running at a loss with these promotions. That also means that they may halt the offer of these memberships to new subscribers at any time.

They have also recently put the price up on these teeth whitening products, they use to be only $99.95 each. I became aware of the price rise on December 14th, 2009. So the longer you leave joining the more expensive it may become.

They are even openly saying that you can give their products to your friends and other family members when you don't need them (not allowed to resell though) - so getting on board now would mean a possible life time supply at a ridiculously low postage and handling price each month, even though the promotion might end in several months or even a year or more. You are also free to cancel at any time, so you are not stuck with ongoing monthly postage and handling charges.

Is the Alta White tooth and teeth whitener safe?

Alta White teeth whitening uses safer ingredients for reducing the risk of any temporary teeth sensitivity from developing, and by avoiding alcohol in the ingredients, they have also reduced the risk of bad breath that is often associated with teeth whitening. Therefore, due to the safer advanced formula of this teeth whitening product, this product is our suggested recommendation for home teeth whitening, especially as it comes with free trial offer in many countries.

Alta White = Whiten teeth

What are the active ingredients in Alta White?

Alta White: Ingredients list

FORMULA FILLED APPLICATOR INGREDIENTS: Glycerin, Water, Methylparaben, Peppermint Flavor, Propylparaben, FD&C Blue 1

WHITENING POWDER INGREDIENTS: Magnesium Peroxide, Aluminum Trihydroxide

Why buy such a teeth whitener system from here?

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Causes of Tooth Discoloration - Sometimes Teeth Whitening is a Recommended Treatment for when the Coloration of Teeth has Gone Wrong.

There are quite a few causes of tooth discoloration that need to be understood, in order to select the most appropriate teeth whitening treatment.  The main causes of tooth discoloration are:


1... Surface stains on the tooth enamel.

Tars from smoking. Tannins from tea and coffee. Coloring from soft drinks, sauces and even the expensive mouth rinses.  All can create surface stains on the teeth - the more you use, the greater the risk of staining your teeth.


Treatment for surface stains on teeth is reasonably easy. The surface stains can be removed by cleaning and polishing teeth by a dentist, giving a good teeth whitening effect.

You can use tooth whitening toothpastes, which allow the easy to clean areas of the teeth to have much of the stain removed.  Such tooth whitening toothpastes also normally contain abrasives, which may not be suitable for people with sensitive teeth or who have little enamel left on their teeth.  (In such cases the peroxide based toothpastes may be more suited - are discussed further, below).

There are also paint-on tooth whitening treatments, that work by chemicals dissolving the surface stains.

These products, particularly the cleaning and polishing by the dentist, may result in your teeth looking whiter, because cleaning and polishing may cause your teeth to reflect more light.  The tooth coloration though, is not really whiter, it just appears to be.  My wife has noticed this a lot with her teeth.  Every time she has her teeth cleaned at the dentist, the effect is so pronounced that it appears she has gone through a teeth whitening treatment - so don't underestimate the value of a cheap dental polish and clean.


Surface stains are a lifestyle problem and can therefore be largely prevented or avoided by avoiding the the things that are causing your teeth to stain.  It's that easy to prevent surface staining.  Having said that, my wife has been told to use a special mouth rinse by a dentist, the mouth rinse has a green coloring and that coloring perpetually stains her teeth and Ms. X has to go back regularly to get them cleaned - makes you wonder, don't it? There is no reason to color the specialized mouth wash at all.


2... Stains underneath the tooth enamel.

There are many sources of such staining of teeth.  Severe sickness in childhood, some antibiotics when taken in childhood,  genetic predisposition, blood or liver abnormalities, can all cause staining of teeth.

Interestingly, excessive intake of fluoride as child - e.g. from swallowing toothpaste instead of spitting - can cause areas of tooth to become excessively white.  Several of my children have this problem; now I know why!

Yellowing of teeth is a natural discoloration caused by age.

Fillings that leak - corrode the tooth - give rise to gray staining.

Tooth decay can give rise to black dots or brown appearance.

Nerve damage in the tooth may cause the tooth to go black.


Teeth whitening treatments for stains underneath the tooth enamel normally use peroxides ( hydrogen, carbamide, or sodium percarbonate peroxide) and chlorites. Both teeth whitening agents release oxygen which can penetrate the tooth and effectively bleach it - tooth whitening is the result of such bleaching. When looking at teeth whitening products, you normally want to buy ones that release about 3.5% free oxygen when activated - many teeth whiteners are water activated in the course of teeth cleaning.


Your Teeth Whitening Options for Stains Under the Tooth Enamel

Teeth Whitening Reviews of the Common Teeth Whitening Kits, Systems and Treatments:

Home based tooth whitening treatments

Tooth whitening toothpastes that rely on abrasion are useless for removing stains from underneath the enamel.

The following five home based teeth whitening treatments work by bleaching:

1.. Peroxide based tooth whitening toothpastes, which include activators to release the oxygen.  This teeth whitening treatment method tends to be effective, if used twice a day for two minutes each time, at getting rid of surface stains and reducing stains under the tooth enamel.  This teeth whitening treatment works by bleaching and is effective at whitening teeth.

2.. Tooth whitening paint on products used in home treatments, which are painted on then removed according to directions.  Used for about 14 days, once a day, for about 30 minutes or according to directions.  This teeth whitening treatment works by bleaching and is effective at whitening teeth.

3.. Tooth whitening products which require an adhesive strip to be applied to each tooth, covering the tooth as completely as possible, which are normally left on overnight.  Tooth whitening adhesive strips are applied twice daily, 30 minutes each time, for about 14 days.   This teeth whitening treatment works by bleaching and is effective at whitening teeth.

4.. Tooth whitening products that use a 'tray' to hold the tooth whitening gel against the teeth, typically overnight.  Such teeth whitening treatments may be required every night for ten nights and may need to be repeated on a yearly basis.  This teeth whitening treatment works by bleaching and is effective at whitening teeth.  The teeth whitening tray can last for several years, so it is advisable NOT to discard it after use.

5.. Tooth whitening home remedy: The recipe for a teeth whitening paste is attained by mixing the following ingredients into a paste: 3 Teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide * 2 Teaspoons of baking soda * 1/2 Teaspoons of table salt * Some toothpaste.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The above five teeth whitening treatments will help whiten your teeth, but the overall effect maybe subtle - if you were to do some teeth and not others, the teeth whitening would be noticeable on the teeth treated.

SPECIAL SPECIAL NOTE: Avoid tooth whitening products that mix glycerin with carbamide, as, when they are put together, the water may become sucked out of the pulp, causing some damage.

Dentist can do several additional teeth whitening treatments to the above: 

1.. A special teeth whitening gel which is applied to the teeth and activated by laser or similar - often called power bleaching.  One dental session of teeth whitening is equivalent to several weeks of the home based methods, as dentists are using chemicals that are releasing up to 35% oxygen - under very controlled conditions for your safety.  Vitamin E can be applied to gums that have been touched by the gel to prevent permanent damage to them.  Several such teeth whitening treatments can be undertaken to gain even better teeth whitening, a good dentist should be able to tell when it's time to stop and that you have achieved the best result for your teeth.

2.. During root canal work, teeth whitening materials can be sealed within the tooth, effectively bleaching the tooth from the inside out - often called walking bleach.

3.. Replace metal based fillings white amalgams can be a teeth whitening strategy, especially if the fillings are old anyway.

4.. Whitening teeth can be achieved through the use of veneers and or crowns, which essentially hides the tooth under a whiter colored covering. Crowns are covered on another page as they are mainly used for compromised teeth that are at high risk, but veneers are mainly used for cosmetic appearance, mainly teeth whitening, so is included below.


Possible Adverse Side Effects of Tooth and Teeth Bleaching and Whitening

Tooth and teeth whitening to achieve the celebrity look, may be impossible or highly dangerous to try and achieve using chemicals, as people with intense white teeth are most likely the people using crowns and veneers that have been colored so, rather than any actual change in the real tooth or teeth. 

One of the teeth bleaching side effects: One big adverse side effect of teeth whiteners can occur when you repeat the teeth whitening treatments and procedures quite often, as the tooth whitener / bleacher chemicals used can damage the translucency of teeth, the natural look of the teeth, when used often or in high dosages.

Other adverse whitener / bleaching side effects include damage and or irritation to the gum, as well as increased sensitivity of the whitened / bleached teeth to hot and cold - these other adverse bleaching side effects normally are short term only.  The exception being permanent damage that can result to the gum from the strong bleaching chemicals dentists use, coming into contact with the gum and not being neutralized quickly enough by the dentist - that's one nasty bleaching side effect.

  These are the teeth whitening side effects that can happen, but generally speaking, bleaching is considered a safe teeth whitening system / process, as long as the bleaching agents are applied and used correctly and sensibly.

Some people believe that dentists should supervise teeth whitening treatments, so as to keep expectations about teeth whitening realistic for the person trying to achieve whiter teeth, thereby protecting the teeth from excessive, overzealous and dangerous teeth whitening attempts.


Tooth and Teeth Veneers for Whitening Teeth.

Veneers are good for whitening teeth or an individual tooth.  They cover the front facing part of the tooth or teeth above the gum line, whereas a crown covers all of the tooth above the gum line.

There are two types of veneers that may be used for teeth whitening:

  1... Porcelain veneers are sometimes chosen as a means to whiten teeth. You work out the white shade that you want, the front facing surface of the tooth or teeth is removed by about a finger nails thickness deep.  A mold is taken.  The porcelain veneer or veneers for each tooth is then made.  When you return to the dentist, the veneer is then glued on and shaped for each tooth.  This veneer is comparable in strength to natural teeth when glued on correctly, but only costs a little less than crowns.  Cannot be repaired if damaged, only replaced.

Direct Laminate Veneers are also sometimes chosen as a way to whiten teeth, but they are done differently.  You choose the color you want, the dentist etches (scratches ) your teeth, applies a glue, then applies one or more layers of a special putty, which he molds over the front of the teeth.  It is hardened with a special light, then shaped better and polished.  Can be repaired if damaged, but they are easier to damage than their porcelain counterparts, but are cheaper normally as well.


Tooth and Teeth Whitening in Summary

Although teeth whitening has become a goal of just about everyone now, it is important to realize that natural teeth yellow as the years progress, and no matter how many times you have teeth whitening treatments, use teeth whitening products, such as tooth whitening toothpastes and gels, at home kits and the like, it will never give you permanent white teeth - whitening teeth is an ongoing process that will never end, unless you accept the less than perfect smile.

Sure, more permanent teeth whitening results can be achieved by veneers and crowns and such, but such things also have life spans, frequently round the ten year mark - and if you don't have regular check ups with a really good dentist, you could easily lose a tooth or several or more teeth as a result of the crown or veneer becoming compromised allowing germs to invade the tooth or teeth. So be sure you want to go down such an extreme path to achieve the desirable, but unnatural, teeth whitening.

Tooth whitening is obviously a bit different, as if you are focused on one tooth, it means that one tooth has been discolored more than the others, so to balance the smile, tooth whitening may be a worthwhile endeavor, but be sure to be aware that if you use a crown or veneer for your tooth whitening, that you also see a good dentist regularly to help prevent the tooth from becoming compromised by germs.

So, good luck with your endeavors to whiten your tooth or teeth, whether via the dentist or using at home tooth whitening pens, such as Idol White or at home teeth whitening kits, such as Alta White.


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