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Dental Plans versus Dental Insurance

DENTAL PLANS normally have one big advantage, no long waiting times.

  So, if you have a tooth that needs fixing, excrutiating pain, a dental plan may be just what you need to afford that dental treatment fast.

Also, your preferred dentist may already be signed up with one or more dental plans, so why pay full price for your dental treatments when discounts of 10 to 60% are commonly available?  I hope that brings a smile to your face.

You can find a dental plan that suits you and your location, through this link, if you are interested.

Consider the less fortunate, vote accordingly and complain to your local member of parliment about dental and health care costs.

For many people, however, the costs of dental care is just beyond their means, even with a dental plan or dental insurance, so take the time to write your member of parliment and voice your outrage, make the rising and unaffordable costs of dental work a political issue. 

Remember too, that tooth and gum disease can kill you if left untreated and or leave you badly deformed if left too long untreated.  Lets not forget all that pain and suffering... isn't that akin to how some people are tortured in other countries, having their teeth drilled and damaged to create excrutiating pain?

The main trouble is, the politicians don't want to finance the cost of repairing all those people who have had a life time of government irresponsibility to their health and dental needs.  Bring me your handicapped, the sick and suffering and we will let them alone to suffer and to die. Problem is, that is not written in the constitution of any country that I am aware.

  We need to get these politicians to live with everyone else.  How can we expect rich politicains to truely appreciate the human condition otherwise, except by voting them out and demanding justice in health and dental care.

Anyway, enough of the soap box, here's the information that you may find helpful:

Dental Plans versus Dental Insurance

In a nut shell, dental insurance is an insurance policy for your teeths dental treatments, whereas dental plans offer discounts on dental treatments.

Companies running dental or "extra's" insurance do so to make a profit from the insurance, so dental insurance companies set waiting times before you can claim and some put limits on how much you can claim and or on which dentists you can use.

  Some dental insurance plans will cover most if not all of your dental treatment costs - this is the big plus of dental insurance over dental plans - but these dental insurance plans are also the most expensive.  The less expensive dental insurance plans often come with lower insurance payouts or more limited dental procedures covered.

With better dental insurance though, you know that the company providing it is going to pay some, if not all of your dental bill, whereas with dental plans, you are more than likely to be left with a bill, that you may struggle to pay.  In other words, the dental insurance is more likely to pay much more of your bill, than a dental plan discount would take off your bill.

The bottom line with dental insurance plans, they charge a premium which they know will cover the costs of dental treatments and give them the profit they want as well, which means the person paying dental insurance is paying the company for their dental treatments and paying the company for the privilege of providing the insurance.

With dental plans, how soon you use a service, how much you use a service, has little, if any effect on the premiums and little, if any effect on the profits of the dental plan provider, therefore dental plans can be considerably cheaper than dental insurance and don't need to have those dental insurance waiting periods and exemptions (wont cover you) for existing conditions.

It's the dentist that provides the discount, not the dental plan provider - what the dentist gets out of being in a dental plan is more work which brings in a very good income to the dentist, even after the discount is given.

Dental plans, for a low yearly premium, sometimes as low as $79.95, provide discounts when you use the dental plan's dentists of about 10 to 60%. That's quite a saving off a dental bill - also, some plans offer free dental check ups and cleans. 

The downside is that it is not dental insurance, which means that if you need alot of work done, you are left with the whole bill after the discount.  Also, if the dental plan doesn't include your dental procedure, then you are left with the whole bill and no discount.

The dental insurance is more likely 12 to 30 times more costly than the dental plan alternative - the price of just two weeks of a dental insurance policy may well be equal to the yearly premium of a dental plan.

Dental plans make good sense, particularly if you are on a tight budget, like most of us are and cant afford the costly dental insurance.

Dental and Health costs are just too high, leaving too many to suffer horrifically.

Rising costs in dental care and dental insurance cause many of us to try and find cheaper solutions for our dental needs and this is the gap that dental plans try and fill.

There is no perfect solution to the problem though, as dentists and dental procedures become more and more out of the financial reach of the common worker.  60% is really good, but if that is 60% covered of a $3,000 bill, you still end up with a sizeable dental bill of $1,200.

  The horror stories are growing every day.  One man begged and got his son to drill a hole into his tooth which was a bit loose and anchor the tooth in more firmly using a screw, because he didn't want to lose his tooth and couldn't afford the dental cost of keeping it.  This made head line news here in Australia.

  Our American counterparts don't seem any better off either.  One reason why so many people visit this toothandteeth website is because they are trying to find a cheaper option to a dentally expensive procedure.

Anyway, the Main POINTS of Dental PLANS for those of us unable to afford proper dental insurance:

  • Normally you can use your dental plan within 3 business days of signing up online

  • You can Join a dental plan online instantly

  • No claim forms or deductibles with dental plans

  • NO health restrictions, paperwork hassles nor annual limits with dental plans

  • With many discount dental plans to choose from, you can select the dental plan that's likely best for you

  • Some select dental plans even offer discounts on prescriptions, vision, hearing and chiropractic services



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