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Children's teeth, if properly preserved, can be used as a source of stem cells for them later in life - Teeth are important in the development of self confidence in children and in adults - Good teeth for a good smile - Keeping your teeth into old age?  Sure can!
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Teeth for a lifetime

Your teeth, meaning every tooth in your mouth, have the capacity to last you a life time.

That's right, a life time, but things can and do go wrong with our teeth.
Look after your teeth and they will be with you for a lifetime most likely.

A tooth may get knocked out playing soccer, a tooth may develop a cavity, hormones may deprive the teeth of their strength during pregnancy, a tooth or teeth may become discolored, but this tooth and teeth web site is all about keeping your teeth unto death and keeping those teeth looking good.

Preserving your teeth against the ravages of tooth and teeth diseases is of utmost importance, for every day of your life your teeth are attacked by disease processes that have the ability to destroy your teeth, some perhaps beginning when you were a baby in the womb.

Gum disease can start when you are a teenager, but not show itself for another thirty years, but it can cost you all your teeth!


Some of the teeth disease processes occur silently, over a long period of time, while some are excruciating painful and fast acting.  Impacted wisdom teeth is a classic example of the need to do preventative dental treatment, to save other teeth, years before they are at risk. Advanced teeth decay, otherwise known as meth teeth, can happen over as little as 3 years. Meth teeth can be caused by meth drug abuse, when the teeth are left uncared for, but what many people don't know, is that meth teeth can also be due to accidental damage, such as what may occur in a car accident, and with the nerves damaged, the teeth over a few short years begin dacaying and cracking, resulting in the advanced tooth decay commonly reffered to as meth teeth.

As you can see, caring for your teeth is fraught with difficulties, some you can never see.

Even the way you clean your teeth may saw through the enamel of your teeth, just as a saw does to wood, rendering your teeth weakened and at risk of breaking off.

Cosmetic dentistry, such as braces and teeth whitening, can help you achieve a confident smile and boost your self esteem.

The knowledge presented here has been gathered through books, dental pamphlets, research papers and our own life experience, making this web site very informative for people who are serious about keeping their teeth, who want to understand what to do for their teeth and who want to know how to handle things when things do, indeed, go wrong with their teeth.

Nearly every page of this tooth and teeth web site also contains one or more relevant tooth and teeth photos or drawings, to make understanding your teeth and what's happening to them that much clearer and easier.  In some sections I have used X-rays of my own teeth to highlight points of relevance.

  In other sections I mention our ( the wife and kids as well) personal experiences, to highlight facts, some of them you may find alarming, particularly about what a dentist may do to your teeth, or a tooth, that may cause you to have a stroke or tooth extraction or ...


Also, if you ever wondered what tooth plaque really was and why it may be damaging your teeth?  Ever thought about what you would do if your tooth was knocked out? Ever wondered how to best clean your teeth? How to suppress toothache pain?

Ever thought about how important it is to check a dentist out before allowing them to work on your teeth? Been told you need root canal treatment and a crown to strengthen the tooth soon after?  Have a tooth root abscess and need to have the tooth extracted?  Wondered how much pain may be involved in a tooth extraction or how a tooth extraction may affect your ability to chew?  The cost of a tooth implant?

Found yourself teeth grinding during the day or your child grinds their teeth while asleep?  Bruxism? Heard about teeth grinding guards?

Does having baby teeth extracted, later lead to malformation of the teeth? Does root canal work stop the tooth from growing?

Well, all that tooth and teeth information is here, along with much, much more, it's just waiting for you to bite right into it. 

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